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Our Governors

You can find out here who your school governors are, what they do and how governors are elected and appointed.

School governors have a vital role in making sure all pupils receive the highest standard of education possible. They have specific duties given to them by law including:

  • agreeing school development priorities                 

  • setting school targets

  • agreeing school policies

  • making sure the curriculum is balanced

Governors provide a headteacher with support and advice, sharing in formulating the school’s aims and vision.


Every year the governing body reviews its instrument of government, code of conduct and terms of reference which outline the structure of the governing body and its roles and responsiblities. The total number of governors on the All Saints' CofE Junior School and Emscote Infant School Federated Governing Body shall not exceed 18. The term of office for all governors is four years. One parent governor can be elected from each school, and foundation governors shall be appointed by the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education in consultation with All Saints' Church council. The incumbent of the parish holds the office of foundation governor ex-officio (another foundation governor shall be appointed to act in place of the ex-officio foundation governor in the event that governor is unable or unwilling to take the office).


There are three standing committees, each with its own terms of reference; Teaching and Learning, Community and Resources. There is also a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) committee and a Pay committee.


Who are we?


Here is a list of members for the governing body


Governor Role
Committee/Area of responsibility
Headteacher Mrs Debi Cossins Ex-officio 1/09/04 Resources

Revd Diane


Ex-officio appointed by the Diocese 5/7/16 SIAMS



Mrs Sandra Barnsley

Appointed by the Diocese 15/06/15


SIAMS (chair), Community, responsible for safeguarding



Mr Andrew Baugh

Appointed by the Diocese 27/01/14


SIAMS, Resources, Pay, responsible for health & safety


Chair and nominated LA governor Mr John McRoberts Parent governor until 6/11/17, awaiting confirmation of LA appointment Teaching & Leaerning, headteacher performance review panel, responsible for policies
Parent Mr Jody Tracey Appointed 6/11/17




Mrs Andrea Kampta

Appointed 6/11/17

Teaching & Learning
Co-opted Mrs Pat Daly Appointed by governing body 21/09/15 Teaching & Learning, SIAMS, Pay, responsible for policies and SEN, headteacher performance review panel
Co-opted Mr Ivor Westmore Appointed by governing body 21/09/15


responsible for policies

Co-opted Mrs Louisa Clarkson Appointed by governing body 21/09/15 Resources, Community (chair)
Co-opted and vice chair Mr Alex Blakemore Appointed by governing body 12/09/16

Resources (chair), Community

Co-opted Mrs Sandra Sutherland Appointed by governing body 12/09/16 Associate headteacher All Saints', SIAMS, Teaching & Learning
Co-opted Mr Jon Queralt Appointed by governing body 21/09/15 Associate headteacher Emscote, Community, Teaching & Learning
Co-opted Mrs Margherita Finney Appointed by governing body 3/10/17 Teaching & Learning, SIAMS, Pay, headteacher performance review panel, responsible for safeguarding and SEN
Co-opted Mrs Nesh Foister Appointed by governing body 6/11/17 Teaching & Learning
Staff (Emscote) Miss Natalie Johnson Appointed by staff 21/09/15 Teaching & Learning
Associate member Mrs Ally Lynch Appointed by governing body 28/11/16 Resources
Clerk Mrs Helen Yeomans 1/11/16  


Governors whose term of office has ended in the last 12 months


Co-opted Mr Ed Leung Appointed by governing body 21/09/15 Teaching & Learning
Parent Mrs Louise Stephenson

Elected 21/09/15

Stood down 2/10/17

Teaching & Learning


Register of interests


All governors are required to complete an annual declaration of business or personal interests. Click here to view the register of interests dated October 2017.


Meeting Attendance 2016 - 17


Full governing body 12th September 2016

Present: John McRoberts, Pat Daly, Debi Cossins, Sandra Sutherland, Jon Queralt, Andrew Baugh, Sandra Barnsley, Margherita Finney, Ed Leung, Alex Blakemore, Louisa Clarkson

Apologies: Louise Stephenson, Diane Thompson, Ivor Westmore


Teaching & Learning committee meeting 26th September 2016

Present: Pat Daly, Sandra Sutherland, Jon Queralt, Ed Leung, Louise Stephenson, Alex Blakemore

Apologies: Debi Cossins, Margherita Finney

Attendance not required: Natalie Johnson, Amy Teclaff


Full governing body 7th November 2016

Present: Sandra Barnsley, Alex Blakemore, Debi Cossins, Pat Daly, Margherita Finney, Natalie Johnson, Jon Queralt, Revd Diane Thompson, Sandra Sutherland, Ivor Westmore

Apologies: Andrew Baugh, Louisa Clarkson, Ed Leung, John McRoberts, Louise Stephenson


Resources committee meeting 21st November 2016

Present: Alex Blakmore (chair), Debi Cossins, Ivor Wesmore, Andrew Baugh, Ed Leung, Louisa Clarkson, Ally Lynch


SIAMS committee meeting 24th November 2016

Present: Sandra Sutherland, Liz Garrett (RE leader), Revd Diane Thompson, Pat Daly, Sandra Barnsley, Margherita Finney


Full governing body 28th November 2016

Present: Sandra Barnsley, Anderw Baugh, Louisa Clarkson, Pat Daly, Debi Cossins, Margheritage Finney, Natalie Johnson, Ed Leung, Ally Lynch, John McRoberts (chair), Jon Queralt, Louise Stephenson, Sandra Sutherland, Revd Diane Thompson, Ivor Westmore

Apologies: Alex Blakemore


Teaching & Learning committee meeting 9th January 2017

Present: Alex Blakemore, Debi Cossins, Pat Daly, Ed Leung (chair), Margherita Finney, Natalie Johnson, Jon Queralt, Louise Stephenson, Sandra Sutherland

Apologies: None


Community committee meeting 23rd January 2017

Present: Sandra Barnsley, Louisa Clarkson (chair), Jon Queralt, Ivor Westmore

Attendance not required: Debi Cossins, Sandra Sutherland


Resources committee meeting 6th March 2017
Present: Andrew Baugh, Alex Blakemore, Debi Cossins, Ed Leung, Ally Lynch
Apologies: Louisa Clarkson
Absent: Ivor Westmore
Full governing body meeting 13th March 2017
Present: Sandra Barnsley, Andrew Baugh, Alex Blakemore, Louisa Clarkson, Debi Cossins, Pat Daly, Margherita Finney, Ed Leung, John McRoberts (chair), Jon Queralt, Louise Stephenson, Sandra Sutherland, Revd Diane Thompson
Apologies: None
Absent: Ivor Westmore
SIAMS committee meeting 4th April 2017
Present: Sandra Sutherland, Andrew Baugh, Margherita Finney, Sandra Barnsley, Rev Diane Thompson
Apologies: Pat Daly
Teaching & Learning committee meeting 8th May 2017
Present: Debi Cossins, Pat Daly, Margherita Finney, Natalie Johnson, Ed Leung (chair), Jon Queralt, Sandra Sutherland
Apologies: Alex Blakemore
Absent: Louise Stephenson


Community committee meeting 15th May 2017
Present: Sandra Barnsley, Louisa Clarkson (chair), Jon Queralt, Ivor Westmore

Apologies: None


Resources committee meeting 3rd July 2017
Present: Alex Blakemore, Debi Cossins, Ally Lynch, Louisa Clarkson, Helen Yeomans
Apologies: Andrew Baugh

Absent: Ed Leung, Ivor Westmore



Meeting Attendance 2017 - 18


Full governing body meeting AGM 3rd October 2017

Present: Andrew Baugh, Alex Blakemore, Pat Daly, Margherita Finney, John McRoberts, Revd Diane Thompson, Helen Yeomans

Apologies: Sandra Barnsley, Louisa Clarkson, Debi Cossins, Louise Stephenson, Ed Leung
Absent: Ivor Westmore, Natalie Johnson
Full Governing Body meeting 6th November 2017
Present: Andrew Baugh, Sandra Barnsley, Alex Blakemore, Debi Cossins, Pat Daly, Margherita Finney, Nesh Foister, Andrea Kampta, John McRoberts, Jon Queralt, Revd Diane Thompson, Jody Tracey, Ivor Westmore, Helen Yeomans
Apologies received: Louisa Clarkson, Ally Lynch, Sandra Sutherland, Miss Natalie Johnson
Community committee meeting 6th November 2017
Present: Jon Queralt, Sandra Barnsley, Ivor Westmore, Helen Yeomans
Apologies: Louisa Clarkson



Minutes of Governor Meetings

The minutes of all governor meetings are public documents. If you would like to see minutes of any governing body meetings please contact the clerk to governors on (01789) 292112 or via email to yeomans.h1@welearn365.com.


Become a school governor


Would you like to:

  • Make a difference to the life chances of the children in your local area?
  • Get to know your local community better or perhaps give something back to that community?
  • Develop your personal skills or learn something new?
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of primary education?
  • Meet new people and have fun?


Being a school governor can be incredibly rewarding, and while it does make demands on your free time it can be an excellent way of enhancing your personal skills as well as making a very real difference to the people in a school community - most importantly, the children.


All governors on school governing bodies must be elected or appointed. If you want to be part of the governing body for All Saints' CofE Junior School and Emscote Infant School please enquire about vacancies by email to the chair John McRoberts at mcroberts.j@welearn365.com, or contact the clerk Helen Yeomans on (01789) 292112 or by email at yeomans.h1@welearn365.com.


You can find more information about becoming a school governor on the Warwickshire County Council website at www.warwickshire.gov.uk/becomeagovernor, from where you can also download an application form.






The governors can be contacted via the school office admin2332@welearn365.com


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