Emscote Infant School

Incredible People


The topic for this half term has been "incredible people". With this in mind year 1 has invited a number of important people from the local community to come and talk with the children. These have included the mayor, a veterinary nurse and a medical nurse.






































Artic Exploration


The lives of the artic explorer Ernest Shackleton and Inuits have been a particular focus; the children built an igloo in the role play area, made with empty milk bottles donated by parents.




In art and design they have been creating igloos from sponge shapes.






Christmas Party


The children enjoy their annual Christmas party.




Making Festive Produce






Expressing Yourself




Exploring Science

































Telling a Story


Year 1 enjoyed a recent storytelling workshop, where texts were brought to life through role play, music and using props.








Outside Fun


There is lots to do outside the classroom as well as inside.







Eco Day


During the recent Eco Day the children were involved with such tasks as tidying the playground, planting for the spring and making logs out of old newspapers.






Pirate Fun


The topic this term for year 1 is pirates. Maths and literacy are taught using this topic.

















































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